In this section of our website, we keep you informed about amendments in our professional publications and offer you complementary support documents, that can or must be used in the course of your UAS training and operations.

This information is tailored for the learning content developed by European Drone Academy for Dutch Drone Academy, Skytools and ROC van Amsterdam.

Dit is de supportpagina die aansluit op de EASA subcategorie open cursussen A1/A3 en A2 voor de Nederlandse markt, beschikbaar gesteld door Dutch Drone Academy. Van verbeteringen, aanpassingen en uitbreidingen wordt geen online record bijgehouden. Alle goedgekeurde aanpassingen worden ‘live’ direct in de content van de (alleen) online opleidingen doorgevoerd.

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Thank you for visiting the amendments, appendices and support page for the Specific Category, tailored for the EDA publication: EU Drone Pilot series, Volume Four: SPECIFIC CATEGORY, which covers the theory for Standard Scenario 01 (STS-01) and other essential theoretical knowledge for UAS pilots, flying within EU airspace.


At this moment, no amendments are available for this publication


Flight plan for STS-01

AMC & GM to Part-UAS

Regulation EU 2019 945_EN

Regulation EU 2019 947_EN

Drone Classes

Open Category table

STS UAS flight log

STS Remote pilot flight log

STS Incident log

STS Embarkation checklist

STS Battery charge log

STS Maintenance log



STS Arrival checklist and Safety briefing

STS Pre and Post-flight checklist

Supporting Documents

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